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Bradykinin B1 and B2 receptor agonists synergistically potentiate interleukin-1-induced prostaglandin biosynthesis in human gingival fibroblasts

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The interactions between bradykinin (BK) and interleukin-1 (IL-1) on prostaglandin formation in human gingival fibroblasts have been studied. IL-1α and IL-1β stimulated prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) formation in the gingival fibroblasts with IL-1β being the most potent agonist. The effects of both IL-1α and IL-1β on PGE2 biosynthesis was synergistically potentiated by BK, in a dose-related manner. The synergistic interaction between IL-1β and BK on PGE2 production was seen both with B1 (des-Arg9-BK) and B2 (BK, Lys-BK) BK receptor agonists. No synergistic interaction between BK and IL-1β was seen on arachidonic acid release. These data suggest that BK and IL-1 act in concert to enhance prostanoid formation in inflammatory lesions and that the level of interaction is distal to phospholipase activity.

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