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Proposed usage of animal tissue culture terms

(Revised 1978) Usage of vertebrate cell, tissue and organ culture terminology

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III. References

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Additional information

Terminology Committee Tissue Culture Association

1974 Committee members: June L. Biedler, Donald G. Murphy, Katherine Sanford, James E. Trosko, Hope E. Hopps (ad hoc), Joan M. Moehring (ad hoc) and Thomas J. Moehring (ad hoc).

1976 Committee members: Donald K. Dougall, Thomas J. Moehring, Katherine Sanford, Gary D. Stoner and James L. Vaughn.

The Committee wishes to acknowlege with special gratitude the help of Dr. Gretchen K. Darlington for reviewing and editing the cytogenetic terms and Dr. Margaret Hardy Fallding for reviewing and editing the organ and tissue culture terms.

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