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Judged school problems and competencies of referred children with varying family background characteristics


The school adjustment problems and competencies of referred children with varying family background histories were compared. Children from homes characterized by low parent interest in education had more severe learning problems and fewer competencies than either matched referred controls without such a history or matched referred children under family pressure to succeed. The relationship of these findings to other studies of school adjustment and family background was considered.

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Correspondence to Ellis L. Gesten.

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This research was done with grant support from the NIMH Experimental and Special Training Branch (MH 11820-06), which the authors acknowledge with gratitude.

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Gesten, E.L., Scher, K. & Cowen, E.L. Judged school problems and competencies of referred children with varying family background characteristics. J Abnorm Child Psychol 6, 247–255 (1978).

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