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Effect of acute inflammation on rat apolipoprotein mRNA levels

  • Tu Guo-Fen
  • Felice De Jong
  • Jim Apostolopoulos
  • Mariko Nagashima
  • Noel Fidge
  • Gerhard Schreiber
  • Geoffrey Howlett
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Hybridization studies using specific cDNA have been used to determine the mRNA levels for rat apolipoproteins AI, AII, AIV, and E in extracts of rat liver and intestine. The ratios of intestinal mRNA/liver mRNA for apolipoprotein AI (apo AI), apo AIV, and apo E were 1.3, 1.7, and 0.1, respectively. Apo AII mRNA was detected in the liver but not in the intestine. The mRNA levels for apo AII and apo AIV in rat liver decreased during inflammation to minimums of 40% and 25% of normal, respectively. The mRNA levels for apo AIV in the intestine, apo E in the liver and for apo AI in both the liver and intestine did not change significantly during inflammation. The time course for the decrease in the hepatic mRNA levels for apo AIV was similar to those previously observed for the negative acute-phase proteins albumin and transthyretin. The serum levels for apo AIV were not affected by inflammation.


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  • Tu Guo-Fen
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  • Felice De Jong
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  • Jim Apostolopoulos
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  • Mariko Nagashima
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  • Noel Fidge
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  • Gerhard Schreiber
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  • Geoffrey Howlett
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  1. 1.The Russell Grimwade School of BiochemistryUniversity of MelbourneParkville
  2. 2.The Baker Medical Research InstitutePrahranAustralia

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