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Effect of feverfew on phagocytosis and killing ofCandida guilliermondii by neutrophils

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The in vitro effect of the herbal remedy feverfew on neutrophil function was examined. It was shown that addition of feverfew extract inhibited phagocytosis ofCandida guilliermondii and its overall killing. However, intracellular killing was not affected, suggesting that the apparent defect in total killing merely reflected the failure of uptake. The implications for the in vivo effects of feverfew are discussed.

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Williamson, L.M., Harvey, D.M., Sheppard, K.J. et al. Effect of feverfew on phagocytosis and killing ofCandida guilliermondii by neutrophils. Inflammation 12, 11–16 (1988). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00915887

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