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4,5-Diacylpyridazine: Synthese und Umsetzung zu 1,4-Diaryl- bzw. 1,4-Dialkyl-pyridazino [4,5—d]pyridazinen 8. Mitt. über pyridazine

4,5-diacylpyridazines: Synthesis and conversion to 1,4-diarylor 1,4-dialkyl-pyridazino[4,5-d]pyridazines(Pyridazines, VIII)


It is found that protonated pyridazine is attacked by nucleophilic acyl radicals not in the positions of lowest electron density (C-3, C-6) but in C-4 and C-5 yielding diacylpyridazines1 a-e. When acyl radicals bearing hydrogen in α-position to the carbonyl group are used, the diacylpyridazines are mainly converted to cyclopenta[d]pyridazines (e.g.2, 3, 4) by intramolecular aldol reactions. Compounds1 a-d are easily converted to 1,4-disubstituted pyridazino[4,5-d]pyridazines by condensation with semicarbazide or hydrazine respectively.

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Correspondence to Doz. Dr. Gottfried Heinisch.

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Auszugsweise vorgetragen bei den VÖCh-Chemietagen, Graz, Oktober 1977.

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