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Triphenylphosphonium—cyanometallates. Organophosphorus derivatives of transition metal complex cyanides

Phosphororganische Derivate von Übergangsmetall-Cyanokomplexen, 7. Mitt.


The derivatives of cyano complex compounds of iron, cobalt and manganese with the triphenylphosphonium-cation were prepared and investigated by IR- andMössbauer-spectroscopic methods. The thermal decomposition of the triphenylphosphonium-cyanometallates leads to intermediates which can be isolated.

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Als 6. Mitt. gilt:S. Papp undM. Pál, Magy. Kém. Folyóirat83, 346 (1977).

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Papp, S., Buza, S. Triphenylphosphonium—Cyanometallate. Monatshefte für Chemie 110, 377–385 (1979).

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Key words

  • Mössbauer spectra
  • Thermal decomposition, triphenylphosphonium-cyanometallates
  • Triphenylphosphonium-cyanometallates, synthesis