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Oxidation of anabasine with hydrogen peroxide


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    When anabasine is treated with 30% hydrogen peroxide in acetic acid, both the pyridine and piperidine parts of the molecule of this alkaloid are oxidized with formation of δ-(hydroxyimino)-3-pyridinevaleric acid 1-oxide, whose structure was established by studying its reactions and comparing it with a synthetic sample.

  2. 2.

    Reduction of δ-(hydroxyimino)-3-pyridinevaleric acid 1-oxide gives (±)-δ-amino-3-pyridinevaleric acid lactam.

  3. 3.

    The action of 10% aqueous hydrogen peroxide is directed at the piperidine nitrogen atom of the anabasine molecule; as a result of the subsequent transformations the piperidine nucleus undergoes cleavage with formation of δ-(hydroxyimino)-3-pyridinevaleric acid.

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The authors find it a pleasant duty to thank J. Kovar (Prague) for the sample of 6-oxo-3-pyridinevaleric acid and for describing the method by which it was prepared.

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