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Beiträge zur Chemie der Pyrrolpigmente, 38. Mitt.: Zur Assoziation von Gallenpigmenten

On the chemistry of pyrrole pigments, XXXVIII: On the association of bile pigments

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The long standing problem of solvent dependent absorption spectra of certain bile pigments such as bilirubindimethylester has been solved by measurement of molecular masses by means of vapour pressure osmometry. Using this method and the investigation of the concentration and temperature dependence of the absorption spectra on several model compounds an association equilibrium for pigments of the rubinoid structural type could be confirmed. Moreover the optical properties of the coexisting species and the corresponding equilibrium constants could be deduced by spectroscopic techniques. Verdinoid pigments lacking free carboxylic functions on the other hand tend to be monomeric in solution. A heteroassociated species involving equimolar amounts of a verdinoid and a rubinoid pigment could be verified existing on adsorbents like silicagel.

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37. Mitt.:Falk, H., Thirring, K., Tetrahedron, im Druck.

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  • Association equilibria
  • Bile pigments
  • Bilirubindimethylester
  • Molecular masses