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Komplexe des zweiwertigen Molybdäns, Derivate des Oktahalodimolybdat(II)-Ions, 2. Mitt.

Darstellung und Charakterisierung von Amminen

Coordination compounds of molybdenum(II), derivatives of the octahalodimolybdate(II) ion

II. Synthesis and characterization of ammines

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Cs3Mo2Br7·2H2O reacts with pyridine at room temperature giving Mo2Br4(C5H5N)4. Dry ammonia substitutes pyridine from Mo2 X 4(C5H5N)4 (X=Cl, Br) at 100°C. The resulting products are Mo2 X 4(NH3)4. No reaction takes place under the same experimental conditions with 2.2′-bipyridine complexes Mo2 X 4(C10N2H8)2. Mo2Br4(C5H5N)4 can also be obtained reacting Mo2Cl4(C5H5N)4 with LiBr. New compounds were identified on the basis of IR spectra, powder patterns, magnetic measurements and chemical evidence.

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