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Chemistry of acetals

Communication 2. Reaction of acetal with diketene and with acetoacetic ester

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    The reaction of acetal with diketene in the presence of BF3 etherate gives as the main product 2-(1*-ethoxy) ethylacetoacetic ester (I). 1,1,3-Triethoxybutane (II) and 2-(1',3'-diethoxy) butylacetoacetic ester (III) are formed as by-products.

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    The reaction of acetal with acetoacetic ester was studied and found to give a good yield of 2-(1'-ethoxy) ethylacetoacetic ester (I).

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    On the example of acetaldehyde and crotonaldehyde acetals it was shown that acetals may be dimerized to compounds which could be of interest for the synthesis of polyene compounds.

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