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Stereochemie vonGrignard-Reaktione mit 2-(N-Methylanikino)-cyclopentanonen

Stereochemistry of Grignard-reactions with 2-(N-methylanilino)-cyclopentanones

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TheGrignard reactions of the 2-anilinocyclopentanones (1 a and1 b) with CH3MgI and C6H5C≡CMgBr, giving the 2-anilinocyclopentanols2 a, 2 b, and2 c, and the synthesis oftrans-1-methyl-2-(4-chloro-N-methylanilino)-cyclopentanol (4), which was used as a reference compound of known stereochemistry, are described. IR spectroscopic investigations of2 a, 2 b, and2 c as compared with4 lead to the conclusion that2 a, 2 b, and2 c have the structures ofcis-2-(N-methylanilino)-cyclopentanols.

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Berbalk, H., Eichinger, K. & Decker, E. Stereochemie vonGrignard-Reaktione mit 2-(N-Methylanikino)-cyclopentanonen. Monatshefte für Chemie 107, 405–409 (1976).

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