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Ringsubstituierte [1]titanocenophane

Ring-substituted [1]titanocenophanes


The ring-substituted bis(cyclopentadienyl)silanesMe 2Si(C5H5) (MeC5H4) (1a) andMe 2Si(MeC5H4)2 (2a) could be prepared by the reactions ofMe 2SiCl2 with C5H5Na andMeC5H4Na or only withMeC5H4Na, respectively. Metallation of1 a or2 a withn-BuLi and following reaction with TiCl4 led to the first ringsubstituted [1]titanocenophanes,Me 2Si(C5H4) (MeC5H3)TiCl2 (1 b) orMe 2Si(MeC5H3)2 TiCl2 (2 b), respectively. On reaction with NaI,1 b yieldedMe 2Si(C5H4) (MeC5H3)TiI2 (1 c). Structural assignments of the compounds could be made on the basis of their1H NMR spectra.

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  • 1,1′-Dimethylsilylene-2,2′-dimethyltitanocene dichloride
  • 1,1′-Dimethylsilylene-2-methyltitanocene dichloride
  • Ring-substituted cyclopentadienyl complexes
  • [1]Titanocenophanes)