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Synthesis of phosphonic esters containing heterocyclic groups

Communication 6. Reaction of phosphorous esters with 2-furaldehyde, 2-furoic acid, and 2-furanacrylic acid

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    Triethyl and triisopropyl phosphites, when reacting with 2-furaldehyde and with benzaldehyde, are partially oxidized to phosphoric esters with formation of 2,2′-vinylenedifuran and stilbene, respectively.

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    When triethyl phosphite reacts with 2-furoic acid and with 2-furanacrylic acid, the ethyl esters of these acids are formed. In the case of 2-furanacrylic acid, not only the formation of a 2-furanacrylic ester occurs, but also the addition of the trialkyl phosphite to 2-furanacrylic acid.

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