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Untersuchungen in den systemen: Chrom-Bor-Kohlenstoff, Mangan-Bor-Kohlenstoff und Mangan-Germanium-Kohlenstoff

Investigations within the ternary systems:Cr-B-C, Mn-B-C andMn-Ge-C

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A new monoboride phase CrB displaying a δ-MoB-CrB-type transposition (shift) structure has been detected in alloys which were prepared at relatively low temperatures. Furthermore a Cr-rich boride phase not yet characterized was observed. The mutual solubility of the respective Cr-carbides and borides is insignificant for 1000°C. Under the same conditions a phase close to MnB has been found besides the known MnB (FeB-type). The new phase crystallizes with a structure similar to the CrB-type, however some additional clarification is needed. Carbon-boron substitution in Mn23C6 extends to almost Mn23B3C3. Germanium and carbon stabilize γ-Mn solid solutions towards lower temperatures. Besides the ordering phenomenon there is an almost continuous transition between γ-Mn(Ge, C) solid solutions and the perovskite carbide Mn3GeC x . Indications for the existence of derivatives of the perovskite carbides were observed.

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