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Thermogravimetrische Untersuchungen an zeolithischen Erdalkalithioferraten(III)

Thermogravimetric investigation of zeolitic alkaline earth thioferrates(III)

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The degradation of the hydrates of the alkaline earth thioferratesM(FeS2)2·xH2O,M=Ca, Sr, Ba, resulting from ion exchange on KFeS2, is studied by TG and by X-ray diffraction analysis. The zeolitic character of the very loosely bound water in these compounds is proved. There exist several cristallographically distinct phases as a function of the water content.

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Blaha, H., Boller, H. Thermogravimetrische Untersuchungen an zeolithischen Erdalkalithioferraten(III). Monatshefte für Chemie 111, 475–481 (1980). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00903244

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  • Chalcogenides
  • Thermogravimetry
  • Zeolitic Hydrates