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On the cation distribution in the spinel systemyMg2TiO4−(1−y)MgFe2O4


The cation distribution and the oxygen parameter for the system Mg1+y Fe2(1−y) Ti y O4 have been determined using the intensities of X-ray reflections. Results are given for slowly cooled and quanched samples. An explanation is proposed to account for the behaviour of the lattice parameter and the oxygen parameter.

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De Grave, E., De Sitter, J. & Vandenberghe, R. On the cation distribution in the spinel systemyMg2TiO4−(1−y)MgFe2O4 . Appl. Phys. 7, 77–80 (1975).

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  • Magnetic semiconductors
  • Spinels-Cation distribution