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Deposition kinetics of the γ′ phase in N36T2YU2 steel

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Electron microscopy is reported for the deposition in this steel; quantitative results are given on the particle size of theγ′ phase deposited during a continuous and uninterrupted decomposition. The deposition of theγ′ phase occurs in one stage, while the two stages in the variation in the mechanical properties arise from features of the interaction of dislocations with theγ′ phase particles. There appears to be only a small energy barrier to the generation ofγ′ phase particles. Spherulites are formed in regions of interrupted decomposition. The effects of quenching temperature on the deposition mechanism are discussed.

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Translated from Izvestiya VUZ, Fizika, No. 3, pp. 41–45, March, 1973.

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Sukhovarov, V.F., Kol'chuzhkina, A.I. & Karavaeva, V.V. Deposition kinetics of the γ′ phase in N36T2YU2 steel. Soviet Physics Journal 16, 320–323 (1973).

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  • Particle Size
  • Microscopy
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Mechanical Property
  • Energy Barrier