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Statistical estimation of mineral age by K-Ar method


Statistical estimation of age of40Ar/40K ratios may be considered a result of convolution of uniform and normal distributions with different weights for different minerals. Data from Gul'shad Massif (Nearbalkhash, Kazakhstan, USSR) indicate that40Ar/40K ratios reflecting the intensity of geochemical processes can be resolved using convolutions. Loss of40Ar in bioties is shown whereas hornblende retained the original content of40Ar throughout the geological history of the massif. Results demonstrate that different estimation methods must be used for different minerals and different rocks when radiometric ages are employed for dating.

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Vistelius, A.B., Drubetzkoy, E.R. & Faas, A.V. Statistical estimation of mineral age by K-Ar method. Math Geol 21, 905–919 (1989).

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Key words

  • convolution of distributions
  • uniform distribution
  • normal distribution
  • Gul'shad Massif
  • potassium-argon dating
  • geochemistry