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Regionalization in geology by multivariate classification


The concept of multivariate classification of “geological objects” can be combined with the concept of regionalized variables to yield a procedure for typification of geological objects, such as rock units, well records, or samples. Numerical classification is followed by subdivision of the area of investigation, and culminates in a regionalization or mapping of the classification onto the plane. Regions are subdivisions of the map area which are spatially contiguous and relatively homogeneous in their geological properties. The probability of correct classification of each point within a region as being part of that region can be assessed in terms of Bayesian probability as a space-dependent function. The procedure is applied to subsurface data from western Kansas. The geologic properties used are quantitative variables, and relationships are expressed by Mahalanobis' distances. These functions could be replaced by other metrics if qualitative or binary data derived from geological descriptions or appraisals were included in the analysis.

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