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Laser dye stability. Part 5

Effect of chemical substituents of bicyclic dyes upon photodegradation parameters


Photodegradation parameters that relate bleaching and absorption at the lasing wavelength λl have been examined for over 30 different coumarin and quinolone laser dyes in a number of solvents. Quinolone dyes were found to bleach faster than the coumarin dyes. The effect of chemical substituents was found to affect bleaching of the coumarin dyes only to a small (20%) extent in ethanol. The major effect of chemical substituents was in the conversion of a dye to products absorbing at λl. Effects of solvent, cover gas, and changes in fluorescent quantum yields are discussed. Of particular interest is the photodegradation parameterA, the ratio of the percent absorption at λl to the total input energy per dm3. Combined with τ, the total input energy per dm3 required for a laser to reach half its original intensity, it was found thatAτ=1.2±0.9 for all of the dyes independent of dye concentration in all of the solvents tested. It appears that where bleaching of the dye is only of the order of 10–20%, the absorption at λl is 1.2% when our dye laser has reached one-half of its initial output. It is consequently possible to estimate τ values of new dyes by the use ofA terms through the relationshipA 1τ1=A 2τ2 where τ1 of Dye 1 has been calibrated in the same dye laser system.

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