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Free convection of highly viscous liquid along a vertical finite plate with constant heat flux


On the basis of asymptotic analysis of the complete Navier-Stokes and energy equations, using the Prandtl number as the basic parameter of the expansion, the form of the velocity profile of free-convective flow is determined at large Prandtl numbers.

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Translated from Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnal, Vol. 48, No. 1, pp. 59–63, January, 1985.

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Sokovishin, Y.A., Kovkova, A.A. Free convection of highly viscous liquid along a vertical finite plate with constant heat flux. Journal of Engineering Physics 48, 46–49 (1985).

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  • Convection
  • Statistical Physic
  • Heat Flux
  • Velocity Profile
  • Prandtl Number