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Generalized thermoelastic longitudinal waves in unbounded medium

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In this paper the generalized thermoelastic longitudinal waves and the temperature field set up due to coupling of the displacement and the temperature fields, with heat wave travelling with certain finite velocity, in an unbounded medium are studied. The thermoelastic displacement potential and the temperature field at any point are obtained in terms of the surface integrals involving the potential, the temperature and their normal derivatives.

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x i :

the cartesian coordinate system,i=1,2,3

n :

(u i) the displacement vector


(δ/δx i) the del operator

δt :

δ/δt the derivative with respect to time

T o :

the temperature corresponding to the natural stat of zero stress and strain

T :

Absolute temperature

c e :

the specific heat

λ, μ:

Lamé's constants

ϱ0 :

the density


coefficient of linear thermal expansion

K :

thermal conductivity coefficient

kk :


τ0 :

the relaxation time


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  • Longitudinal Wave
  • Temperature Field
  • Heat Wave
  • Normal Derivative
  • Surface Integral