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Fractal approach of the temporal earthquake distribution in the Hellenic arc-trench system

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The time clustering of earthquakes occurring in the Hellenic arc-trench system is quantitatively analyzed by means of the fractal dimension,D, of their time distribution in the time intervals of 1950–1985 (M s >-4.5) and 1964–1985 (M s ≥4.0). The results obtained imply that scale-invariant clustering holds over very large scale lengths of time,T, with 22–28T (in min) ≤220–222, depending on the seismotectonic segment considered. In all segments a common feature is the relation between theD 1,D 2 andD 3-values found for shallow, intermediate-depth and all-depth shocks, respectively:D 3>D1>D2. TheD-values found for shallow shocks range between 0.137 and 0.191 with the exception of the Ionian Islands and Cretan segments where anomalously high values (D=0.221–0.251) have been determined. We discuss possible seismotectonic interpretations of the results.

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Key words

  • Fractals
  • earthquake clustering
  • scale-invariant processes
  • Hellenic Arc