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Longitudinal study of first phase insulin release in the BB rat


First phase insulin release was measured in response to intravenous glucose given weekly from approximately day 40 in 6 BB rats which subsequently developed diabetes and in age-matched non-diabetic (n =15) and normal Wistar rats (n = 8) until day 180. The mean sequential insulin responses in BB rats with and without diabetes were significantly lower (p = 0.008 and < 0.0001, respectively) than in normal rats from an early age. Five diabetic BB rats showed a progressive decline in first phase insulin release immediately prior to glycosuria, with the impaired phases ranging from 25–50 days. However, protracted periods of low first phase responses were also seen in several aglycosuric BB rats, which showed histological evidence of insulitis and B-cell loss. Our findings demonstrate that, although most BB rats with diabetes show a progressive impairment of B-cell function preceding the disease, this aberrant phase can also be present in BB rats which remain aglycosuric. Impaired first phase insulin release in response to serial intravenous glucose tolerance tests may not be a reliable predictor of Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes in this animal model.


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  • BB rats
  • intravenous glucose tolerance tests
  • first phase insulin release
  • immunofluorescence