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Loss of alleles in brain tumours: Distribution and correlations with clinical course

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Gliomas (n = 44) and meningiomas (n = 24) of different grades of malignancy were analysed for allele losses at loci on chromosomes 10, 13, 17 and 22. Deletions of genetic material on these chromosomes occurred in gliomas without being restricted to any histological entity. The frequency of chromosome-l0-specific allele losses increased significantly with the age of the patients and with the grade of malignancy of the tumours. Deletions of chromosome 10 material were associated with a poor prognosis. The glioblastomas of patients aged over 70 years lacked the loss of the entire chromosome 10, even in tumours with EGFR gene amplification. Deletions at loci of chromosomes 13, 17 and 22 were observed in 18–32% of all gliomas, independent of grade of malignancy, patients' age, EGFR gene amplification and clinical course. Only chromosome-22-specific allele losses were found preferentially in gliomas of female patients. Loss of chromosome 22 alleles in 44% was the only mutation detected in meningiomas. This occurred independently of grade of malignancy and biological factors.

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