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Calculation of the residual stresses and strains in wound reinforced-plastic products

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A method is proposed for determining the residual stresses and strains in wound glass-reinforced plastic products. The fabrication process is divided into five stages: winding, heating polymerization, cooling, and removal from the mandrel. The initial stresses that develop during winding and the subsequent stress increment associated with heating are taken into account. Polymerization is treated as a process during which the mechanical and thermophysical properties of the material change. Chemical shrinkage of the resin and its filtration through the fiberglass are disregarded. Equations are derived for the residual radial and peripheral stresses in the finished product, for the residual change in inside diameter, and for the temperature at which the product is released from the mandrel during the cooling process. The experimental data relating to two types of wound products are discussed. The results of a computation of the residual stresses and the residual changes in inside diameter are compared with the experimental data.

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Moscow Power Engineering Institute. Translated from Mekhanika Polimerov, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 134–139, January–February, 1969.

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Bolotin, V.V., Bolotina, K.S. Calculation of the residual stresses and strains in wound reinforced-plastic products. Polymer Mechanics 5, 109–114 (1969).

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  • Polymerization
  • Experimental Data
  • Filtration
  • Shrinkage
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