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A short swirl chamber

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The flow in a short air-operated swirl chamber is studied by contactless methods. An engineering technique is suggested to calculate the parameters of a swirled gas flow in this chamber.

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D 0,R 0 :

peripheral diaraeter and the swirl chamber diameter, m

d 0,r 0 :

diameter and radius of discharge opening of the swirl chamber, m

F :

total area of intake channels, m2

n :

power index in the equation for circumferential velocity

V, U, W :

circumferential, radial, and axial velocities, m/sec

V 0,U 0 :

circumferential and radial velocities at the boundary of the flow core, m/sec

V in :

mean-mass velocity in intake channels, m/sec

V p :

circumferential velocity at the boundary of the zone of quasipotential flow, m/sec


coefficient of velocity conservation at the boundary of the flow core

G :

mass flow rate of gas, kg/sec

P :

static pressure, Pa

T :

static temperature, K

n 1 :

polytrope index


dynamic viscosity, N·sec/m2

P 0 :

static pressure at the boundary of the flow core, Pa

T 0 :

static temperature at the boundary of the flow core, K

c p :

gas heat capacity, J/(kg·K)

R :

universal gas constant, J/(kg·K)


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Academic Scientific Complex “Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus,” Minsk, Belarus. Translated from Inzhenerno-Fizicheskii Zhurnal, Vol. 68, No. 5, pp. 827–833, September–October, 1995.

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