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Ammonolysis of alkyl- and aryl-trichlorosilanes

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    As a result of the ammonolysis of alkyltrichlorosilanes with gaseous ammonia in a solvent low-molecular-weight crystalline products of general formula [RSi(NH)1.5]6 were obtained together with soluble low-melting polymers of cyclic structure.

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    The ammonolysis of trichlorophenylsilane leads to the formation of a soluble infusible polymer.

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Andrianov, K.A., Kotrelev, G.V. Ammonolysis of alkyl- and aryl-trichlorosilanes. Russ Chem Bull 15, 443–445 (1966). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00846101

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  • Polymer
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