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An interview with Warren Lamb

  • Susan M. Lovell


Warren Lamb helped to pioneer modern dance in England, both as a professional dancer as well as a university lecturer. His studies with Rudolf Laban in the late 1940's led him to work with Laban in movement notation and behavioral analysis. He then developed this work into a theoretical model and assessment technique called Action Profiling, which relates decision-making to behavioral styles. These styles are based on movement sequences which combine the postural and gestural modes, called “posture-gesture mergers.” Mr. Lamb established Warren Lamb Associates, a management consultancy which is an international center for the application of Action Profiling. He founded Action Profilers International which provides for the training and education of certified practitioners. The Action Profiling system is known and used world-wide in corporate management settings. Mr. Lamb's contribution to the field of movement therapy is invaluable; his Action Profile model relates movement with personality in ways that can be used both diagnostically and in therapeutic interventions. Warren Lamb's publications includePosture and Gesture, Management Behavior (Duckworth, 1965, 1969),Body Code (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1979), as well as numerous journal articles. He resides in Claremont, California and London, with his wife, Barbara.


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