, Volume 25, Issue 3–4, pp 357–388

Some remarks on the fecundity of Tilapia (T. mossambica Peters) and its introduction into Middle Central America (Nicaragua) together with a first contribution towards the limnology of Nicaragua

  • Dietmar Riedel


  1. a.

    This paper presents an account of (i) fecundity studies intoT. mossambica under Middle Central American conditions and (ii) limnological investigations into Lake Moyua/Nicaragua which have been performed during 1961/62.

  2. b.

    Data obtained as to fecundity ofT. mossambica are discussed in the light of the term prolificy and with regard to ecological and biological characteristics of Nicaraguan waters and native fish fauna.

  3. c.

    A more detailed contemplation about the possible effects of a spread out or transplantation ofT. mossambica into other Nicaraguan water concludes the paper.



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