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Action of prostaglandin F2α on the course of pregnancy and plasma 17β-estradiol concentration in mice


The effect of prostaglandin F (2 mg/kg at each stage of development) on the preimplantation development of mice and on their plasma 17β-estradiol concentration was investigated. Prostaglandin F inhibited mitotic division in the embryo and reduced the percentage of embryos shedding the zona pellucida. Meanwhile the 17β-estradiol concentration in the peripheral blood plasma fell. Under physiological conditions there was a significant increase in the 17α-estradiol concentration at the blastocyst stage after shedding of the zona pellucida.

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Kamakhin, A.P., Polyntsev, Y.V. & Misyulin, S.S. Action of prostaglandin F2α on the course of pregnancy and plasma 17β-estradiol concentration in mice. Bull Exp Biol Med 88, 1194–1196 (1979).

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Key Words

  • zona pellucida
  • blastocyst
  • 17β-estradiol
  • prostaglandin F
  • mitosis