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Axi-symmetric bodies of equal material in contact under torsion or shift

  • J. Jäger


Two axi-symmetric bodies are pressed together, so that their axes of symmetry coincide with the contact normal and the normal force is held constant. A small torque about the contact normal or a small tangential force is applied. For bodies of equal material, the normal and tangential stress states are uncoupled, and can solved separately. The surfaces of the bodies are thought as a superposition of infinitesimal rigid flat-ended punches. Consequently, the normal stress distribution can be calculated as a summation of differential flat punch solutions. A formula results, which is identical with the solution of Green and Collins. After application of a torque an annular sliding area forms at the border of the contact area. For reasons of symmetry, the common displacement of the inner stick area must be a rigid body rotation. Similarly to the normal problem, the solution can be thought as a superposition of rigid punch rotations. The tangential solution can be derived analogically, in form of a superposition of rigid punch displacements. The present method also solves the problem of simultanous normal and torsional or tangential loading with complete adhesion. As an example, Steuermann's problem for polynomial surfaces of the formA2nr2nis solved. The solutions for constant normal forces can be used as basic functions for loading histories with varying normal and tangential forces.

Key words

Contact problem of elasticity superposition flat punch solutions annular sliding stick area 


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  • J. Jäger
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