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Transformation toughening

Part 1 Size effects associated with the thermodynamics of constrained transformations
  • F. F. Lange


The thermodynamics of the constrained phase transformation is presented with particular reference to size effects introduced by surface phenomena concurrent with the transformation, e.g., the formation of solid-solid surfaces (twins, etc.) and solid-vapour surfaces (microcracks). It is shown that these surface phenomena not only introduce a size-dependent energy term into the total free-energy change, but also reduce the strain energy associated with the transformation, which can result in a transformation at a temperature where ¦ΔGc¦, the chemical free energy change, is less thanUse, the unrelieved strain energy associated with the constrained transformation. The results of this analysis lead to a phase diagram representation that includes the size of the transforming inclusion. This diagram can be used to define the critical inclusion size required to prevent the transformation and/or to obtain the transformation, but avoid one or more of the concurrent surface phenomena.


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  1. 1.Structural Ceramics GroupRockwell International Science CenterThousand OaksUSA

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