Amino Acids

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Stereoselective synthesis ofβ-amino acids via conjugate addition of nitrogen nucleophiles toα,β-unsaturated esters — Recent advances

  • N. Sewald
Review Article


The latest results concerning the asymmetric synthesis ofβ-amino acids are reviewed, focussing on methodology involving 1,4-addition of nitrogen nucleophiles toα,β-unsaturated esters. Approaches using both homochiral auxiliaries bound to the enoate and homochiral ammonia equivalents are included as well as alkylations and aldol reactions of enolates derived from homochiralβ-amino acids.


β-Amino acids α-Deuterio-β-amino acids α-Alkyl-β-amino acids α-Hydroxy-β-amino acids Conjugate addition Nitrogen nucleophiles Homochiral ammonia equivalents α,β-Unsaturated esters 


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