Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

, Volume 81, Issue 4, pp 592–594 | Cite as

Regeneration and growth of the liver in 3-week-old mice of different strains

  • V. F. Sidorova
  • N. V. Yudina
Experimental Biology


At the age of 3 weeks, C57BL mice have comparatively low proliferative activity of their hepatocytes when the liver grows normally, but also during regeneration of the liver 44 h after its extensive resection (mitotic index 16%). Animals of the same age but of other strains (noninbred, CBA, and CC57BR), however, in most cases have a higher mitotic index of their hepatocytes both under normal conditions and during regeneration of the liver (42, 70, and 60%). This pattern of interlinear differences in mitotic activity of the hepatocytes during growth and regeneration of the liver was still found 7 days after the beginning of the experiment. The results indicate genetic determination of the level of proliferative activity of cells.

Key Words

mitotic index growth and regeneration of the liver interlinear differences 


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  • V. F. Sidorova
  • N. V. Yudina

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