Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

, Volume 51, Issue 5, pp 615–618 | Cite as

The influence of a super-high frequency pulsed electromagnetic field on conception and the course of pregnancy in white mice

  • V. A. Pobzhitkov
  • N. V. Tyagin
  • A. M. Grebeshechnikova
Experimental Biology


As evidenced, there is a delay in the development and in the weight gain of the female mice progeny after subjecting them to the action of high-frequency electromagnetic field, during pregnancy. There were many stillbirths and deaths during the 3rd week of life among the progeny of these mice. The weight of the ovaries and of the uterine cornua was reduced in experimental animals. Mild histological changes in the ovaries and uterine cornua are not constant and occur mainly during the greatest functional activity of these organs—at the stage of rut.


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  • V. A. Pobzhitkov
  • N. V. Tyagin
  • A. M. Grebeshechnikova

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