The effect of glutathione, vitamins B12 and B1. and rutin on the level of cholesterol in the brain, liver and blood in alimentary hypercholesterinemia

  • T. M. Lobova
Biochemistry and Biophysics


The paper deals with materials on the effect of glutathione, vitamins B12 and B1, rutin and a combination of glutathione with vitamin B1 or rutin on the cholesterol level in the blood, liver and brain during alimentary hypercholesterinemia. Experiments were staged on 266 chicks.

Hypercholesterinemia was provoked by cholesterol-containing diet given for a period of 18 days. After the cessation of cholesterol administration, the chicks were given vitamin B12 in a dose of 0.1γ and 2γ, 0.2 mg of vitamin B1 subcutaneously, rutin with food −100 mg per kg of body weight, glutathione −12.5 mg per 100 g of weight and combinations of glutathione with rutin or with vitamin B1 in the aforesaid doses for a period of 10, 15, and 20 days. The chicks were decapitated after suspension of this treatment. Cholesterol concentration was determined in the blood, liver and brain. As established, cholesterol feeding markedly increased its content in the blood and liver. After discontinuance of cholesterol administration its content in the blood and liver drops almost to the initial level in 20 days. The hypocholesterizing effect of vitamin B12 given in a dose of 0.1γ, of glutathione-rutin combination and of rutin alone was established. These were no changes in the cholesterol content of the brain tissue.


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  • T. M. Lobova
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  1. 1.Department of BiochemistryYaroslav Medical InstituteYaroslavlUSSR

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