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Solar flare nomenclature

  • E. W. Cliver


The evolution of solar flare nomenclature is reviewed in the context of the paradigm shift, in progress, from flares to coronal mass ejections (CMEs) in solar-terrestrial physics. Emphasis is placed on: the distinction between eruptive (Class II) flares and confined (Class I) flares; and the underlying similarity of eruptive flares inside (two-ribbon flares) and outside (flare-like brightenings accompanying disappearing filaments) of active regions. A list of research questions/problems raised, or brought into focus, by the new paradigm is suggested; in general, these questions bear on the interrelationships and associations of the two classes (or phases) of flares. Terms such as ‘eruptive flare’ and ‘eruption’ (defined to encompass both the CME and its associated eruptive flare) may be useful as nominal links between opposing viewpoints in the ‘flares vs CMEs’ controversy.


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