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Solar source of the interplanetary planar magnetic structures

  • Tomoko Nakagawa


Planar magnetic structure (PMS) is an interplanetary magnetic structure in which magnetic field vectors are all parallel to a plane but highly variable in both magnitude and direction in that plane. This magnetic structure corresponds to re-entrant loops of magnetic field lines in the photosphere that emanate into interplanetary space. To find information on the generation site, occurrence properties of PMSs are investigated by using the interplanetary magnetic field data obtained by Sakigake and ISEE-3 spacecraft. No significant correlation is found between PMS occurrence and the solar wind velocity gradient which would suggest interplanetary formation of PMSs. No significant correlation is found between the PMS events and flares or filaments, either. Instead, a half of the PMSs were projected to the vicinity of the sector boundary in the source surface magnetic field, although there are exceptions when PMS appeared in the center of a sector. The PMS planes were not parallel to the current sheet at the sector boundary. Sometimes PMSs were observed recurrently at the same heliospheric longitude in successive rotations of the Sun, suggesting persistence of the source of PMS on the Sun. The orientation of the PMS planes were not conserved in the recurrent PMSs.


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  • Tomoko Nakagawa
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  1. 1.Tohoku Institute of TechnologyTaihaku-ku, SendaiJapan

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