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Confirmation of radio absorption by the intergalactic medium

  • Eric J. Lerner


The conventional interpretation of the cosmic background radiation (CBR) as a relic of the Big Bang assumes that the intergalactic medium is highly transparent to radio frequency radiation. Previous work (Lerner, 1990) used the well-known correlation of IR and radio luminosities of spiral galaxies to test this assumption. That analysis, using 237 Shapley-Ames galaxies showed that radio luminosity (L R ) for a given IR-luminosity, declines with distance, implying that the IGM strongly absorbs radio frequency radiation. That absorption has now been confirmed using a sample of 301 IR-bright galaxies. Using two independent methods of determining the correlation of IR and radio luminosities of spiral and interacting galaxies, the sample shows that for a givenL IR ,L R D−0.32±0.04 over a range of distances from 0.7-300 Mpc. (H0 = 75 km s−1 Mpc−1). The correlation is significant at the 8 σ or 10−14 level. Absorption by the IGM is the only reasonable explanation for this correlation. The existence of such absorption implies that neither the isotropy nor the spectrum of the CBR are primordial and that neither is evidence for a Big Bang.


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  • Eric J. Lerner
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  1. 1.Lawrenceville Plasma PhysicsLawrencevilleUSA

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