Astrophysics and Space Science

, Volume 85, Issue 1–2, pp 459–463 | Cite as

On the origin of gamma-ray bursts

  • V. M. Lipunov
  • E. I. Moskalenko
  • N. I. Shakura


A model for gamma-ray bursters which naturally explains the main observational features of GRB is proposed. The GRB turned out to be linked by evolution with a well-known type of astrophysical object.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • V. M. Lipunov
    • 1
  • E. I. Moskalenko
    • 1
  • N. I. Shakura
    • 1
  1. 1.Shternberg Astronomical InstituteMoscowU.S.S.R.

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