Metal Science and Heat Treatment

, Volume 9, Issue 11, pp 850–853 | Cite as

Cooling capacity of molten salts and alkalis containing water

  • V. N. Biryukova
Equipment for Heat Treatment Shops


The method of cooling molten salts and alkalis in austempering and martempering by adding water to the bath at any temperature, which was developed and put into operation at the Gor'kovskii Metallurgical Plant, guarantees: 1) a constant temperature of the bath within limits of ±5°C; 2) constant amount of water in the bath, which increases the cooling capacity four to five times; 3) prevention of "aging" and elimination of the necessity of renewing the molten salts; 4) the use of austempering and martempering for tools, machine parts, rolled steel (including railroad rails) in place of ordinary oil-quenching to martensite with subsequent tempering.


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