Astrophysics and Space Science

, Volume 195, Issue 1, pp 1–294 | Cite as

Solar photo rates for planetary atmospheres and atmospheric pollutants

  • W. F. Huebner
  • J. J. Keady
  • S. P. Lyon


Unattenuated solar photo rate coefficients and excess energies for dissociation, ionization, and dissociative ionization are presented for atomic and molecular species that have been identified or are suspected to exist in the atmospheres of planets, satellites (moons), comets, or as pollutants in the Earth atmosphere. The branching ratios and cross sections with resonances have been tabulated to the greatest detail possible and the rate coefficients and excess energies have been calculated from them on a grid of small wavelength bins for the quiet and the active Sun at 1 AU heliocentric distance.


Atmosphere Molecular Species Rate Coefficient Excess Energy Atmospheric Pollutant 
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