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The non-existence of the Oort cometary shell

  • R. A. Lyttleton


The procedures adopted as theory for a shell of comets are shown to be invalid. Any plot of numbers of Long-period comets against 1/a will automatically exhibit a peak at small values of this parameter, and cannot be inverted to demonstrate a high volume-density of aphelia in space. The positions of actual aphelion-points show no sign of any concentration at any range. Further, the aphelion-distance undergoes large almost random changes owing to planetary perturbations at each return, and present values can yield no indication of original positions. That a group of some forty, or even twenty, comets selected for other reasons would all be coming in for the first time has such evanescent probability as to be an entirely inadmissible assumption. Moreover, if comets were perturbed from almost circular motion in the supposed shell to the observed almost parabolic motions, the requisite changes of energy would in general displace the new aphelion-points far outside the shell, so that again the latest aphelion-distances could afford no indication of the position of the shell. To maintain the supply of observable long-period comets by means of stellar perturbations from the shell would require there to be hundreds of stars currently within distance of the order of a parsec from the Sun. The suggested origin for the comets of the shell as having being ‘born’ by unspecified process at planetary distances, from there to be ejected by planetary action to the domain of the shell, and for these orbits then to be rounded up by stellar action is contrary to every consideration of dynamical theory. A recent attempt to save the shell-theory by making use solely of comets with large perihelion-distance is shown to rest on exactly the same errors as have done all the earlier presentations. The plain conclusions emerge that the shell-theory is devoid of any support by facts, and that the alleged shell of comets is non-existent.


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  • R. A. Lyttleton
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  1. 1.Institute of AstronomyCambridgeEngland
  2. 2.Jet Propulsion LaboratoryPasadendUSA

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