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Eruptive prominence associated with limb flare of 25 January 1991

  • Wahab Uddin
  • V. K. Verma
Numerical Modelling


We have observed an eruptive prominence at the east solar limb on 25 January 1991 which started earlier than 0623 UT and was associated with a limb flare (S16 E90) of class 1B/ X10.0. We have recorded a huge mass ejection in the corona by the limb flare associated eruptive prominence. The eruptive prominence ejected a part of the loop in the corona with maximum speed of about 1280 km/sec. The ejected material attain height upto 150,000 km in the corona and finally faded/disappeared in the corona. During the ascending phase of the prominence material in the corona there was a unscrewing of the loop system associated with the eruptive prominence. The type II, III, and IV radio bursts were also reported by a number of Radio Observatories during observation of the eruptive prominence. The high flux of sudden ionospheric disturbances and the solar radio emissions on fixed frequencies (245–80000 MHz) were also recorded. The eruptive prominence associated with limb flare also shows increased proton flux (>10 MeV) during its occurence. The flare was classified as X10.0 flare. In this paper we have analysed the observed data and compared it with the theoretical model of the solar flare.

Key words

Limb flare Eruptive prominence mass ejections 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Wahab Uddin
    • 1
  • V. K. Verma
    • 1
  1. 1.Uttar Pradesh State ObservatoryNaini TalIndia

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