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A galactic model with a pulsating active nucleus

III: Evolution of rare-light elements

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The accumulation and distribution of rare-light elements in the Galaxy is investigated according to a model of the galaxy at which center there exists a pulsating active nucleus with decreasing activity with time. The abundances of rare-light elements rapidly decrease with approaching to the galactic center whereas the most abundant region of these elements is the annular region of the radial distance ofr=8∼14 kpc from the galactic center. In the inner region ofr≪8 kpc the abundances of these elements have varied by two to three orders of magnitude from the early days of the galactic history till now, but inr≳8 kpc they have been almost constant within a factor of 2. It has become clear that if the nuclides D,3He,7Li,10B and11B have been produced mainly by the shock process taking place in the outer envelope of type-II supernova, they must have been created by the mass fractions of the supernova of some 2.7×10−3, 1.7×10−4, 6.9×10−8, 1.7×10−7 and 7.9×10−7, respectively, to account for the solar system abundances.

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