Astrophysics and Space Science

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Particle lifetimes in strong diffusion

  • Michael Schulz


The mean lifetime τ of a particle distribution, driven to isotropy by intense pitch-angle diffusion, is calculated by analytical means for conditions applicable to the Earth's magnetosphere. The resulting algebraic expressions reduce to τ≈[64La/35 c 2 (1−η)] in the limit of a small equatorial loss cone (half-angle α c ), wherev is the particle speed,L is the magnetic shell parameter,a is the radius of the Earth, and η is the particle albedo from the atmosphere at either foot of the field line. Distinction is made in the full expressions for τ between complete isotropy (caused by strong pitch-angle diffusion all along the field line) and incomplete isotropy (caused by strong diffusion that is localized at the magnetic equator) over the upward hemisphere in velocity space.


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  • Michael Schulz
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  1. 1.Space Physics LaboratoryThe Aerospace CorporationEl SegundoUSA

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