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A new method for determining the internal rotational angular velocity of the stars

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Some physical aspects of the effect of rotation on the nonradial oscillations are discussed by the perturbation method. A new method to estimate the inner rotational angular velocity in stars with use of the rotational frequency splitting of the nonradial oscillations is proposed, and the “effective depth” for a specified mode is defined for practical procedure. The necessary quantities (frequencies, “effective depths” andC k, l values) to derive the inner rotational angular velocity through the observations by this method are calculated for models of several early type stars with masses ranging from 1.5M to 20M .

The method is applied to three stars; B-type variable star, 53 Per, β Cep star, 12 Lac and δ Sct star, 1 Mon for which good observations are available. It is shown that the rotational angular velocities obtained seem reasonable. However, whether or not the differential rotation in the stars is actually real cannot be confirmed in this paper because of the difficulty of getting exact information about the stellar mass and evolutionary stage.

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  • Evolutionary Stage
  • Perturbation Method
  • Rotational Frequency
  • Physical Aspect
  • Differential Rotation