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The pair of X-ray sources across NGC 4258: Its relation to intrinsic redshifts, ejection and quantization

  • Halton Arp
Session 1. The Redshift


The chance that the pair of X-ray sources observed across NGC 4258 is accidental can be calculated as 5×10−6. The recent confirmation as quasars, and determination of the redshifts of the pair, atz=0.40 and 0.65 by E.M. Burbidge enables the final accidental probability of the configuration to be calculated as <4×10−7. In addition there are a number of observations which indicate the central Seyfert galaxy is ejecting material from its active nucleus.

The NGC 4258 association is compared to four other examples of close association of pairs of X-ray quasars with low redshift galaxies. It is concluded that in each of these five cases the chance of accidental association is less than one in a million. The ejection speed calculated from the redshift differences of the X-ray quasars is 0.12c. This agrees with the ejection velocity of 0.1c calculated in 1968 from radio quasars associated with low redshift peaks become narrower—simultaneously strengthening the ejection origin for quasars and the quantization property of their redshift


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  • Halton Arp
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  1. 1.Max-Planck-Institut für AstrophysikGarchingGermany

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